Coverage Details

Below is an overview of the types of coverage and benefits we currently offer. For more details on coverage and eligibility, please contact Auto Exam directly or review your actual contract. For more information on our current program click here.

Exclusionary Coverage is the best type of coverage available. This type of coverage will cover any part of the vehicle that is not listed as an exclusion by the contract. Below are some of the types of items excluded from coverage:

1. Any Normal Maintenance Item - Including but not limited to: tires, wheels, wheel covers, shocks, alignments, brake pads or shoes, brake rotors or drums, accessory drive belts, hoses, filters, exhaust components, clutch, and pressure plate.

2. Any Tune-Up Item - Including but not limited to: spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, and carburetor.

3. Other Items - Including but not limited to: Any body parts, interior trim parts or fabric, trim, glass, paint, or safety restraint systems.

Other exclusions apply, see contract for further details.

Vehicles that are too old or have too many miles to qualify for exclusionary coverage may still qualify for a component coverage. There are many levels of component coverage available. This type of coverage will only cover the components listed for coverage in the contract.

Typically these coverages will cover the major components of the vehicle. Below are some of the areas covered by these contracts:

Engine Brakes Suspension
Transmission Air Conditioner Fuel
Drive Axle Steering Electrical

Not all component contracts will cover all these areas and other exclusions apply. Refer to your contract for actual coverage.

In some cases vehicles with high mileage may only qualify for a powertrain coverage. Typically this will be vehicles with 125,000 miles or more. Powertrain coverage will only cover the essential powertrain components. Typically these items will include the following:

1. Engine - All Internally Lubricated Parts

2. Transmission - All Internally Lubricated Parts

3. Drive Axle Assembly

For a full listing of covered components and other exclusions, refer to your contract.

Current contracts include:

1. 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

2. Substitute Transportation (Rental Car Benefit)

3. Trip Interruption Benefits

Please refer to your contract for the benefits that apply, not all benefits apply to all contracts. Refer to your contract for other benefit limitations.





See contract for optional coverage benefits and limitations.

This is a general outline of coverage. See contract for complete details. Not all coverages available in all states. Contact Auto Exam for any further information.



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