Pre-Purchase Used Vehicle Inspections

Do Not Buy a Used Vehicle Without an Inspection!

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Avoid buying someone else's problems.

Since 1992, Auto Exam's goal has been to protect the consumer from buying someone else's problems. We will give you a written unbiased report identifying any problems that we find at the time of the inspection. Today many people are mistaken in thinking that a certified vehicle or a history report is a substitute for a pre-purchase inspection. A history report is not always fully accurate and the history of a vehicle can be changed. A history report can be a useful tool, but it is not a substitute for an inspection. Certified vehicles are checked by the dealer's own biased service department and the technicians that check over the vehicles are not trained to find paint work and frame damage.

van Auto Exam will send a mobile unit (Houston Area Only) and an ASE Certified technician to perform a complete bumper-to-bumper inspection before you buy. The vans are equipped with all the diagnostic equipment needed to perform the inspection. The technician will give you a written, unbiased report based on the condition of the vehicle. We can also give you a written appraisal of the current market value of the vehicle. With our inspection, you know the condition of the vehicle before you buy. Auto Exam allows the consumer to make an educated buy. Using our service should be one of the steps you take before buying a used car, truck or van. After our inspection you can be confident in buying a car or even glad you didn't buy it.

A pre-purchase used car inspection can help to protect you, the consumer, from unscrupulous dealers and individuals selling vehicles with: Frame Damage, Body Damage, Interior Damage, Paint Work, Mechanical Problems, Electrical Problems, Lack of Maintenance, Leaks, and many other problems and issues our technicians see every day.

Auto Exam is Houston's oldest and largest pre-purchase inspection company. Auto Exam has been protecting consumers in Houston since 1992. Call Auto Exam before you get stuck with a bad used car! And if the car, truck, or van meets specifications, you can purchase a vehicle service contract to protect your newly purchased vehicle. Call us for information and price.

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Attention: For mobile inspections additional drive fees may be applicable based upon vehicle location. View our inspection service disclaimer - Here.

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  • Excellent service on a PPI and very clear communication. While I live in Austin, I found the specific truck that I was looking for in Houston. I needed a thorough inspection done by someone who would really inspect it. Auto Exam gave me very complete information, supplemented with a couple of phone conversations. I would use them again. Inspection Customer
  • These guys are rock stars! I was purchasing a used BMW and although it looked and sounded in immaculate condition I wanted peace of mind with this purchase because BMW repairs aint cheap. The guy(Scott) came out to the dealership and did a fantastic job inspecting the vehicle. All was well except for a tiny leak that sales people failed to mention. I was able to use it as a negotiation chip (after negotiations were done)and the delearship repaired it for $500 more on sales(it would have cost me upwards of $1500 on my own) Thanks Auto Exam. Dont go the cheap route just because the engine sounds good and the car is shiny. Get peace of mind and use Autoexam Its's worth it.... Inspection Customer
  • The folks at Auto Exam are awesome. This is the 3rd time I've used them for the second used car I've purchased. In every case, they turned up something that we didn't know about. In two cases, it assisted in negotiations and in one case, the car had been so damaged in an accident that we walked away (actually ran away) from the vehicle. The folks at Auto Exam are great to deal with, friendly, efficient and very thorough. I can't recommend them enough for your used car buying needs. They kept me from buying a damaged car for my daughter and may have kept her safe. I am a customer for life! Inspection Customer
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